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About Us

At Brandi's Skin and Beauty, we believe that skin health is an integral part of overall wellbeing. Our mission is to provide education to those seeking to better understand their skin and how to properly care for it. We approach skincare holistically, considering the health of both your skin and your mind. We encourage our clients to approach themselves with kindness and acceptance, knowing that everyone's journey to healthy skin is unique.Born from a passion for skin heath, ForeverSKIN Academy is committed to providing knowledge to help clients make informed decisions when it comes to taking care of their skin. We believe in educating our clients about the effects of lifestyle choices on skin health, and how small changes can make a big impact. Our approach is not aligned with any particular product or treatment, but rather with our clients and what will best serve their needs.

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At ForeverSKIN Academy, we believe that healthy skin is a journey that starts with education. Our goal is to provide everyone with the knowledge and tools they need to be in control of their skin health. We believe in taking a holistic approach to skincare, meaning we consider the individual's overall wellbeing, rather than just the symptoms that show on the skin. Our courses cover a broad range of topics, including nutrition, lifestyle, and skincare routines.


Everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Our Academy aims to build a reputation of the highest standard of education for our students through holistic skincare and lifestyle teachings including the science behind skin health, the necessity of self-care and self-kindness, and the ability to embrace their natural beauty, drop the comparison game, and find inner peace and self-acceptance.

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