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  • Tell me about Brandi's Skin and Beauty?
    Brandi's Skin and Beauty is dedicated to educating and empowering you in the field of skincare by providing hands-on training workshops through our 'ForeverSkin Academy'. Focused on safe and effective skin treatments, our mission is to instil confidence, knowledge, and responsible skincare habits in young individuals, fostering a lifelong appreciation for healthy skin. Working on the philosophy of Kintsugi; a celebration of imperfections by highlighting them with gold. We want to help you embrace what has made you who you are and allow you to embrace your beautiful - to be authentically you. Aligned only with products and brands and dedicated to helping others to be their best, we ensure that the benefits of our workshops last long after the service.
  • Who is our founder Brandi?
    Brandi Beckett, Founder of Brandi's Skin and Beauty, has always been passionate about helping others to both see themselves kindly and live with confidence, helping you to look and feel your best everyday of the week. Completing a Dual Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Screen and Media at The French Beauty Academy, Brandi's passion and commitment to the industry was recognised with her receiving The Principal's List of Excellence Award and honoured as Valedictorian. Combining this education with her dedication to yoga, meditation and beauty, and a desire to share her belief that beauty truly begins on the inside birthed Brandi’s Skin and Beauty. Passionate about self care and a desire to encourage others to prioritise this into their day, Brandi ensures that you are equipped with the knowledge to maintain and achieve the greatest version of you and your skin. With workshops and home-care tailored to your needs, and time taken to break down lifestyle adjustments that will help you achieve skin and mind confidence - your time with Brandi will pay positively well after your visit.
  • What is the ForeverSkin Academy?
    The academy provides a selection of Skin Consultation and Workshop options to educate you in the importance of a holistic regime to support healthy skin. You will be given the breakdown on each element necessary to achieve your best skin and the tools to do this for yourself. Leaving you with an understanding of how your lifestyle impacts your glow and the knowledge to decipher the world of skincare products and treatments to ensure that you have the ability to choose what is best for you.
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